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Mini-photo shoot on cat shows



Mini photo shoot, 5 photos in Low Resolution (LR)*

Black background €50,-
Color € 55,- (these are photo canvases that can be used only once, due to the hygiene. These are always washed before use. )
Reorder on HR € 10,- per photo

2nd cat €30,- (on the same background color)

* The Low Resolution photos (LR) are provided with a small logo and are not suitable for printing. They are intended for viewing on your computer, smartphone or tablet and also suitable for use on the cattery-website, Instagram, Facebook, fora etc.

* The High Resolution (HR) files can be printed up to poster size. When, where and as often as you like as long as it remains for private use. Without logo.

Photo shoots must be paid in cash or by pin on the day itself. Repeat orders (digital HR photos) can be paid afterwards by a bank transfer.

Within 30 days after the photo shoot, the photos will be processed and send by e-mail. Follow-up orders (digital HR photo’s) will be handled in order of receipt of the payment.

Note: only a limited number of time slots are available, therefor it is advisable to book in advance. This is also nice for me, so I can already answer your questions and enter all the details beforehand. This way we have more time to take photographs of the cats, the prices shown are included VAT.